Heliplan Japan and more!

2011-06-21 15:05:10 by Blips

Long time no see kind folk of Newgrounds! Unless you've paid a visit to my website sometime over the past month I'd not be surprised (or insulted) if you had believed that I be dead!

But nay! I am very much alive and have just released a new game, Heliplan Japan. It's awaiting your judgement in the, Portal! On a side note to all those of you who are wealthy or generous, Japan could really use your help rebuilding.

Heliplan represents my first attempt at getting back into serious game development. My second attempt is already underway - you can read about Super Moon in my latest dev journal on my site.

Leave a comment or something will happen.

Heliplan Japan and more!


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2011-06-21 21:53:09

At last! A new game!


2011-06-22 09:28:18

I'm commenting from my phone.