Pandemic 2.5 on the horizon!

2011-07-01 22:20:30 by Blips

That's right! After many a request, I've begun development on Pandemic 2.5 for iPhones and iPod Touches. Expanded and refined in all ways imaginable, now you'll be able to infect the world while on the go.

Check the site for more details: Dark Realm Studios. New details will be released as they become available. Until then, catch me on Facebook and Twitter.

Pandemic 2.5 on the horizon!


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2011-07-01 22:31:25

first, awesome!


2011-07-01 23:09:30

So I heard Androids don't exist, ever.

Blips responds:

I'm working with a finite set of resources and time. I cannot guarantee that Pandemic 2.5 will come out for the Android, but it is something I'd like to look at in the near future.


2011-07-02 10:39:13

can't wait for this!


2011-07-02 17:01:51

Will this one be possible?


2011-07-03 02:34:01

What about a Flash version for PCs?

Blips responds:

iPhone and iPod touch only at the moment. Don't worry, the game will cost less than most cups of coffee :P


2011-07-03 05:09:21

You fucking traitor! Flash above all.

Blips responds:

Flash won't allow me to produce bigger and better games for everyone. Have to take things to the next level. But don't worry, will still be doing flash too :D


2011-07-15 04:37:00

Well what about Android? :3

Blips responds:

Maybe in the future but no plans for Android devices at the moment.


2011-08-09 23:11:59

What about people without smart phones, i love the pandemic games, and am on disability so getting a smart phone is well out of my budget.


2011-08-10 23:20:59

please tell me madagascar will actually be possable to infect in this one rather then close there port after someone sneezes on the other side of the world?


2012-01-04 22:24:56

Oh well, I was excited for it till I saw It was for iPhone and iPod Touch :l. Anyway good luck with it mate.