Where is Pandemic 2.5 for my iPhone / iPad?!?!

2012-01-16 18:43:01 by Blips

For those of you that are wondering what's become of Pandemic 2.5 for all iOS devices, wonder no more!

Short form: the game will be completed and sent to Apple by the end of the month.

Long form: check out part 1 of my part 2 Pandemic 2.5 journal on my site here!

More shameless self promotion: Twitter, Facebook.

Also, I've a flash game Super Moon that's been completed for some time now. It'll be released during the time Apple spends approving Pandemic.


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2012-01-17 14:34:50

Madagaskar shall fall!!!!


2012-01-18 00:24:33

Awesome man. Price?

Blips responds:

0.99 or 1.99 is what I'm thinking of.