Pandemic 2.5 Completed!

2012-04-26 16:16:07 by Blips

Yes! The game is now officially completed after months of work and stress and blood loss. The game has been sent to Apple for approval and hopefully, it will become available on the App Store sooner rather than later. Pandemic 2.5 will be available for just $0.99 and not only fully supports Game Center for achievements and highscores but also is a universal app.

Full gallery of screenshots and more info are available on my site: ame=12

Now it's time for me to actually try my hand at marketing and get the game out there so that it actually sells once it's released :P

Pandemic 2.5 Completed!


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2012-04-26 16:22:37

Yay! First comment! Also pandemic is one of my favorite games Great to see it come this far!


2012-04-26 16:34:29

Madagascar 2.5 : All ports down

Blips responds:

Madagascar is much easier to infect this time around - except for of course while playing on "Madagascar" difficulty level :P


2012-04-26 20:03:00

will it be releast on android and/or as a flash game?

Blips responds:

Just iOS for now. Cannot port to flash since it's all 3D / OpenGL / C ...


2012-04-27 06:20:34



2012-04-27 14:00:56

Ooooh bad decision making it iOS only, not letting most of your audience even play the game.


2012-04-27 14:37:43

Up first I was :D, but then I read it :( no flash what so ever. Well I guess you'll make lots of money but I was hoping to actually play it. Not all of us own apple products.

Blips responds:

Sadly living costs money :(


2012-04-27 18:57:52

Flash Game PrT?


2012-04-27 19:20:33

I see Spewer is an upgrade, so I'm assuming it induces projectile vomiting. Five different kinds of it.


2012-04-28 14:23:03

no android... i would strongly recommend porting

Blips responds:

No plans to bring it to the Android at the moment :/


2012-05-01 23:41:57

ive been waiting for this ever since i got my iphone :3

~~downloaded~~ ^w^b

Blips responds:



2012-05-03 14:51:31

Going to download it now. Hopefully Madagascar is a little easier to get now!


2012-05-06 00:48:09

I will love you five-ever if you start planning an Android version.


2012-07-15 13:20:36

You really should port this game to Android, and here's some great reasons why
1) Android SDK = Much much cheaper than Apple's (More Gross Profit)
2) Larger customer base (Android based phones make up 50-60% of the current smartphone market compared to ~20% for iOS based smartphones)
3) Ease of development (Android supports OpenGL, 3D Rendering, and many of the features used in this game. I don't know why in one of your earlier comments you said you can't port it because Android = Flash Only. This isn't true. Android is a linux/java based operating system and fully supports OpenGL based games. There are plenty on the market now running versions of OpenGL. Especially with Android 4.0 and 4.1 being released. 4.0 reduces Android's dependence on flash based programming and 4.1 doesn't use flash at all. It's all HTML5.)

I'm not one for telling other people what to do but it would only be a good idea to bring this game to Android. I don't know if money is an issue for you or not, but you'd make MUCH more on Android. $0.99 on the Google PlayStore would definitely make tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of sales. Especially considering the following Pandemic has.


2013-02-10 11:47:16

Any chance seeing this game here on NG?


2013-06-19 02:25:42

Are we ever going to see this on PC as pay-to-download? Or maybe Android? Hell, even Xbox360 or Ps3 markets?

It doesn't really matter that we have to pay for it, with a price as reasonable as $0.99, but the bulk of your fanbase doesn't even have the option. Are Apple owners really the only people who will ever be able to play this game...?