Pandemic 2.5 on App Store :D

2012-05-06 13:53:03 by Blips

So the past few days have been an amazing ride, an amazing ride that's left me with about only 4 hours a night of sleep for the past 4 days.

The engine for this exciting sleepless ride is Pandemic 2.5 on the App Store! It was released 4 days ago, and already the support for the game has been tremendous. Depending upon where you live, the game should be in the top 5 paid iPhone games. If you liked Pandemic 2, you'll almost definitely want to check out Pandemic 2.5 if you have an iPhone or iPad.

The other bit of news I wanted to talk about was that I have a flash game that's going to be being released sometime over the next couple weeks. I think you guys will like it given that it's full of explosions and missiles and action galore.

Pandemic 2.5 on App Store :D


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2012-05-06 14:11:21

Is an Android compatible version in the works?

Blips responds:

Sorry but nothing is planned for the Android at this time. I'm focused on supporting the game with updates to ensure it's as polished as possible for the foreseeable future.


2012-05-06 15:28:46

Guess who just got it.


2012-05-06 16:00:03

well i`m going to buy this game.

harm that there isn't android version. too bad.


2012-05-06 16:07:24

I got a W500 Android if u do ge tDroid support can the W500 use app by using google play, and if not can you please Eventually port 2 were pandemic was Born


2012-05-06 23:41:39

Aw...stupid iphones and all the good games going to them...


2012-05-07 05:07:12

Valve gave Pandemic 2.5 a shoutout on the L4D blog. :D I also bought it as soon as i saw it on the app store, I love it so far.


2012-06-14 00:27:05

Just found Plague Inc. on my iPhone and wanted to make sure it was you that was making the money. I remember playing this back when it first came out and loving the hell out of it. Congratulations.


2012-08-03 08:22:01

No android?Why?


2012-10-14 23:54:48

Did you make Plague Inc? The game is super similar toward your games. About making a flash port of the game. You could start a kick starter project and if enough people donate to your project you can make a free flash game.


2012-10-26 19:02:26

Did the guys who made Plague Inc just steal you're idea? If so, wouldn't you be able to make a lawsuit. They stole every single element about it.


2013-01-03 11:58:03 copied this and this is getting worse reviews. I am outraged!


2013-02-07 10:19:18

Why there are no Android version? Is it coming later?


2013-09-12 14:35:03

time for pandemic 3


2014-02-26 19:50:30 PC version to buy?