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Haven't said anything for a while so I thought I'd make a quick post.

First of all HAPPY MADNESS DAY, lots of great submissions were thrown in!

Now as my title foreshadowed a bit, I'm being plagued with laziness. When I'm not dealing with school projects starting up or with normal every day life, I am finding I am wasting a lot of time doing absolutely nothing important at all, and just generally lazying about.

I am currently working on a lot of flash at the moment. Pandemic 2, which is an actual sequel to the first has been lurking in the shadows of my computer for a while now. With a lot of it done, all that truly remains is the UI (user interface) and polishing. Once the game is done it should shoot the original out of the water. But Like I said, Pandemic 2's currently residing in the shadows. My current main project is an RPG / Action / Adventure / Defender game that is truly original. I'm hesitant to throw in the "Defender" categorizer in that mix because it's nothing like your usual defense game. It's got a medieval setting and (of course) has magic in it too. But that doesn't matter because like I've said I've been struck with laziness, which means no work is getting done at all. BUT there is hope and I believe I have found a solution to all this laziness. So if all goes well I should be able to get back to work on my games (and other projects) with in the next few days!!

Since my last blog post, my main website is now up at !

Talk to you guys soon.

finally able to get some work done?

2007-08-17 20:42:03 by Blips

Well I've finally managed to basically finish my website. The main website should be up by tonight, while the forums are already up. I have been forced to build a new site and get a new domain because Pandemic Studios sent their lawyers after me! It turns out they didn't like me using the name "New Pandemic" for my website.

After the site is fully up, I can FINALLY get back to developing flash games! I've managed to get a lot of good ideas for future games while doing the new site, so hopefully I can act on those ideas now. I hope to get 3 flash games out by the end of September but with school starting again soon, who knows if I'll have the time to develop 3 entire games. Oh and by the way in case you happen to be interested, the website will be while the forums are located at